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 Only 169 (and counting down!) days until Christmas!

It's truly been an eventful summer already, and we're kicking off the second half with a CHRISTMAS IN JULY and BUY TWO GET ONE FREE backdrop sale!

We have got 12+ New Releases, and SIX Double Wides!



To see these and the newest drop designs, click on Backdrops > New Releases



 (note our usual order fulfillment times may not apply as we will be getting higher order volumes. Orders are printed in the sequence they are received.)

Should you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact customer support at info @

Sale will extend from now until Sunday, July 26 at 9pm cst.

Each Buy Two Get One Free order must be the same backdrop material.
You must have three (3) drops minimum in your cart for the discount to apply. You are not limited to just three, you may order 6, 9, etc.

Please use the correct corresponding coupon code for each material and enter codes as shown:

Polylite code is: POLYLITEB2G1
Polypaper code is:  POLYPROB2G1

When the code is entered, the cart will automatically calculate the discount by reducing the price of every third backdrop (equal or least/lowest value drop)  in your cart to $0.01

Rewards do not apply or accrue in conjunction with this sale.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS May order during this sale, however we are still working on upgrading and making our international shipping work better for everyone.  Thanks for your patience. You may email us with your order and we will invoice you. Please note we are shipping via USPS internationally at this time and you will be responsible for taxes, duties and other fees assessed by your country.

Q. Am I limited to purchasing just two and getting one free?

A: Absolutely not. For every two you purchase you will "get one free". Be sure to put at least three drops in your cart. When the code is entered, the cart will automatically calculate the discount by reducing the price of every third backdrop (equal or least/lowest value drop)  in your cart to $0.01

Q. May I redeem my Rewards Points today?

A: Rewards cannot be redeemed in combination with this sale, you must choose either to use rewards or use a promotional code above. If you have questions or issues contact: info @ to assist you. Please have your order number handy. REMINDER! You must have enough points in your account prior to  this order to redeem a Rewards Drop.

Q. May I use a Gift Card that I already have on my Sale order?

A: Absolutely. If you have questions, please email info @

Q. How is the discount calculated?

A: When the code is entered, the cart will automatically calculate the discount by reducing the price of every third backdrop (equal or least/lowest value drop)  in your cart to $0.01 - Please note each material has an individual and specific code.

Q. May I use another coupon code during this sale?

A: No other coupon code or discount can be combined with these codes. (Gift certificates may still be used)

Q. I placed multiple orders during the Sale. May I combine shipping?

A: Please contact customer service at info @ to inquire whether it is possible.

Q: Do I earn Rewards on this order?

A: NO REWARDS EARNED during this sale.

Q: My order will not go through on the site. What should I do?

A: Periodically we have an issue where UPS may not recognize an address, credit card addresses do not match the entered billing address or there is a minor issue with extra punctuation, etc. Please verify that your address is complete and correct. If that is not working, you could try switching your web browser. Further issues email info @

Q: May I rush my order?

A: Sorry, we cannot accommodate in-house rushes during the Sale. You may choose expedited shipping, but please remember that upgrading your shipping option does NOT mean that your order will leave our facility any faster.   It simply means that once the order is ready, the shipping/transit time will be faster. Your backdrops are  printed in the order in which they are received. Questions or concerns contact customer service at info @

Q: Can I do a custom order during the sale? 

A:You may inquire about customs, however there will be no discounts on customs.

Q: Does a Double Wide count as two drops toward the sale?

A: Double Wide will work as ONE drop during this sale.

Q. How soon will my order be shipped?<br />Orders will be filled as quickly as possible. Order volume is expected to be  higher than usual, so our usual time frame to fill orders will not apply. We do not guarantee ship dates with orders for the sale. Please be patient and we will make every effort to get your order out as quickly as possible.  You may still choose expedited shipping, but remember that applies to how long the product is actually in transit, not how quickly it is processed by us.  As soon as your order is ready for UPS to pick up, you should receive an email directly from UPS or USPS with your tracking number (be sure to check your spam folders). Please also do not schedule your sessions based on your Lemondrop sale order.

  Discount is on drops only. If you have questions or trouble  ordering, as always, contact customer support at

Any questions about our product, please read the FAQ PAGE or contact customer service at

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