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You can view your rewards history on Your Account page.

Logged in users with shipping addresses in the United States earn Reward points for every eligible backdrop purchase from LemonDrop StopĀ®.

Reward points get you FREE backdrops!

Logged in users with shipping addresses in the United States that have enough Reward Points for a free backdrop will automatically have the second drop in their cart reduced to a $0.01 price (a $0.01 price in order to allow the transaction to work with merchant processing).

The amount of points needed to redeem for a drop will be equivalent to the price of that drop. For example:

5' PolyLite - 40 points

5' PolyPro - 55 points

5' Vinyl - 80 points

6' PolyLite - 50 points

6' PolyPro - 65 points

6' Vinyl - 90 points

You will need a minimum of 40 points to redeem

***Rewards drops cannot be the only item in your cart at checkout, they must be redeemed along with at least one paid item.***

Here's how the Lemondrop Rewards program works:

Earn reward points on everything you buy from LemonDrop StopĀ® *.

For every $10 you spend, you earn one Reward point.



  • Reward points must be earned prior to the order in which they are redeemed (they cannot be earned and used as part of the same order).
  • Reward points cannot be combined with other promotional codes
  • When redeeming reward points, the free drop must accompany at least one paid drop in the order.
  • Only ONE rewards drop may be redeemed per order regardless of rewards balance.
  • Reward points are not dollars - you cannot buy points or pay the difference to reach the next level.
  • Reward points are not earned on shipping charges or taxes.
  • The Reward points program is only available within the United States, we do not currently have a rewards program for outside of the United States
  • Reward points do not accrue with Buy 2 Get 1 and similar promotions that specifically state that use of an advertised code is exclusive of the rewards program.
  • Gift Certificates and Rewards: Rewards are earned when a gift certificate is purchased. Rewards are NOT earned when Gift Certificates are then redeemed.

* Excludes shipping charges and taxes. Our Rewards Program began on 5/1/2011, purchases made prior to 5/1/2011 do not qualify for Reward Points.
Some sales explicitly exclude earning reward points. When announced, orders made during excluded sales do not qualify for Reward Points.

Orders made to shipping addresses outside of the United States will not be eligible for the reward points program.

LemonDrop Stop® reserves the right to end or modify this program at any time and at its sole discretion simply by announcing it on this page. Rewards are non-transferrable. Contact customer service with any questions.

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